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I’m still going through my wordpress blogs, comments, administrator settings, blogs I’m subscribed to, etc. It’s only been 3 years but I feel like I’m trying to raise the dead. Out of over 100 (more like 200) blogs I was subscribed to about 30 are still up and less than 10 are active. There have been quite a few deaths. Many stopped around the time I stopped. Interesting. One thing about social media is that you need to have traffic to keep ppl interested and growing. Blogging is different from other SM like Facebook and Twitter. It depends on your settings and how many ppl you follow or friend but Twitter newsfeed is like a fast moving train. There is no slowing down for entering or exiting the tram. Just jump and hope you make it.

I remember when I first joined Twitter in 2015 – I felt so exposed but followed ppl I had “met” – mostly ppl on other forums – some IRL. I’ve been more open here than I am on Twitter. I don’t usually cross platforms bc there are ppl who still wish bad things on me and it’s no different there. Death threats seem to be a keyboard warrior’s nirvana.

For the past 12+ years I’ve studied behavior of ppl on various sites – even my own behavior. Too bad I didn’t get paid. I would be filthy rich by now. I have seen good, bad, indifferent. I’ve watched ppl display personas that were completely fictional. I’ve watched ppl play the victim to gain attention and I’ve watched them manipulate others for their gain. In real life I was good at reading ppl through mannerisms which you don’t have the luxury on printed media. I’ve had to adjust. I find it all fascinating.

To end, I’m still feeling my way back to the blogosphere. I can’t say I’m optimistic but maybe cautiously so. Have a good one. 🙂


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Hi there! I spend a good bit of time on social media. The internet can be used for so many good things. Connecting with family and friends, sharing ideas, education … which brings me to the bad parts of the internet. Not all education is equal. People can visit YouTube and find there are people there who profess to have evidence the earth is flat. At first you’d think this is benign but it isn’t. Conspiracy theories can be quite deadly and spread rampantly because there are few checks on accuracy of information.

I frequent Twitter and typically get drawn into conversations where people who call themselves Christians are telling others they are going to hell. It’s what they do on social media and it’s not limited to non believers. You don’t believe their flavor of Christianity? Sorry, you are headed to hell like the rest. Someone asks about mercy and forgiveness and it seems Christianity is only following the law – well for everyone else. For them it’s all about love and forgiveness.

I’ve decided to return to the blog a bit but be warned, I’ve changed. I have something I need to say even if no one reads it. Be well and be good to others. Happy Gardening! 🙂

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