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Is it real?

Several years ago I received an invitation to go to Russia for missionary work. It was with a group that was begun several decades ago by a friend—a friend that is long gone. He used to tell of the stories of smuggling Bibles into Russia when it was the USSR and the cold war was happening. He would tell of the time when he and his party were pulled aside to have their luggage searched and how they got through. I remember his emotional response as he considered the consequences if they were found out. This was no TSA pat down but by soldiers with guns. Any contraband of this magnitude meant automatic jail time if not worse. This was real. This is not made up.


I recounted this story on social media the other day and was met with people calling me a liar and such—that Bibles were never restricted in the USSR and claims that I made it all up. Ha! When we fail to understand and acknowledge happenings in history, we are doomed to repeat the mistakes we make because of sanitized information based on perceptions and not facts. As you notice of 2016, we are repeating many of the mistakes made that were recorded but people didn’t learn anything. Sigh.


This has serious implications. Some are so quick to jump on board in belief of whatever while others who should know better are quickly dismissing facts. Too much erroneous information plus just extra junk is before us that we have trouble deciding what is “real.” It shouldn’t be this difficult. There is real danger to the coming generations. This along with misinformation (and lies) is why people will believe what they are fed. Scary times are ahead.


Happy Gardening 🙂






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I am trying so hard to understand people but it isn’t easy. There are those who say the meanest things sometimes. It’s not easy for me to watch suffering and pain or people ignoring others and maybe inflicting some pain of their own. We should be careful of our words. We need to think of others. I am still growing and I speak out about things I see as injustices—not to provoke but to discuss and see if we can resolve things. Too often there are those who have stuffed their ears and maybe pulled the wool over their own eyes.


I had a rough week. This is supposed to be an inspirational post…LOL… I will see what I can do to make it that way. 😉

I took a reprieve from facebook this week because I could not deal with the negativity. It is suffocating—I feel like I am being choked. People speak bad about the ice bucket challenges; there is meanness about political issues; negativity about environmental issues; and then there is what some may call stupidity about science issues. I threw up my hands, made a cover picture that said, “Closed. Gone fishing,” and included a note that said it bothers me how people treat others. It was obvious I was a little peeved.


This did not sit well with some of my facebook friends. One messaged me. She was concerned. Another one asked if there was anything I needed. She gave encouraging words and said that I help her in ways I don’t know because of what I go through and things I share. They were being nice. Another one didn’t reach out, didn’t try to talk to me—but I didn’t hold it against her. We aren’t close and have become more distant after our run-in about the climate change video when she was saying negative things about people. So what did she do? She changed our relationship status to family but we aren’t family. There are people I barely know who I consider closer. I did not get a choice to deny the request—thanks, Facebook. I really appreciate it (sarcasm). I guess FB knows best, right? I am kidding but FB did ask me how she was related…sister, aunt, etc. Can anyone claim you as family? That is scary if so. And, if you unfriend them before they remove the relationship status, does the family status remain…as in…would I still be tied to her in some way?


I kindly asked her to remove the family relationship. She had a temper tantrum. Needless to say, it resulted in her deleting me (unfriending) which I really don’t think is a bad thing but that was not my intention. She was not interested in anything I had to say. She just wanted to manipulate. I found that hurtful but that is on her. So often we want to love only those who love us. She isn’t a giving person…she takes too much and doesn’t give back.


Just think if we only love the people who love us…and not love all people. We need to love everyone especially those who do not love us. I tried to explain this but she wasn’t having any of it. Sometimes negative people need to get out of our bubble. Hopefully, they will be close enough to see they can’t hurt us and they will reap good things without having a negative effect on us. Sounds bad but sometimes there is a limit to what we can tolerate and still be positive.


There is so much apathy in the world that I applaud people and things that bring to light information such as the ice bucket challenge. ALS is such a dreaded and terrible disease…Bill knows this (Hi, Bill 🙂 [LINK]). I had concerns about it at first but I was like—it’s about time people get behind other little known diseases and bring awareness to others. Whether it is because we aren’t affected or we are just too busy or whatever, we need to become aware of others who are suffering and do something. By the way, here is a link to Bill’s own ice bucket challenge. (More about this next time.) 🙂


Then there are those who are trying to bring awareness to charities for what is called Japy day…this idea of having a world day of charity has been tried before and we need to keep trying—not give up. There was a video made and shared about helping the homeless. People found fault with it for many reasons but you know I don’t care. I think the real reason was to bring about change in our world—to remove some of the apathy. People said bad things because they said the video was a stage production. I don’t care. If someone is doing something to cause positive change, WONDERFUL! We need all the help we can get!

First video – about Japy Day – 30 August 2014. Second video – encouraging others to help and to show what community means. Yes, I know it is AUG 31. I had planned to post this earlier this week but it is never too late to help others.


I have a friend who said homeless people don’t need food and clothing and they don’t need stuff people give them. He said that people do this so the giver can feel good about him or her self. The person, this friend, well, he is practically homeless so I didn’t expect to hear this from him. I said… “You missed the point. This is to bring awareness to people who don’t see homeless people as humans but as a blight of humanity—something that hurts their city, etc.”


I became very vocal to him because of other things he said. Listen up! I don’t help other people because it makes me feel good. I help others because they need help. Sometimes I do feel good that I have done something to help another but that’s an intrinsic thought and it’s my own pat on the back that I did right…I did what I am called to do…being a caretaker and giver. We are all supposed to do this, to care for others. We should not boast about our deeds but I think feeling complete…as in we have been successful reaching goals is a good thing. It helps us to continue on that path. If we just do one thing and that’s it, no, that’s not what it is about. But, also, we can’t judge others either. I can’t tell you what to do and not do. I just do what I can and keep doing it. We don’t do things because people deserve something. We should do things because people need us and in turn we all help each other.


It’s true that all of the problems with homelessness are not going to be solved with this one video or a few people but one of the big problems is there are those who do not see homeless people. They are ignored…like they don’t exist. My daughter said, “But they do need those clothes and food and shelter and such until they can get back on their feet or if they can’t get back into society they still need these resources.” My children are very smart. 🙂


This friend said that homeless people need work…jobs…help in getting jobs and resources to become presentable. He found fault with the video and my stance of how we should help. I can be wrong. It’s hard to accept being wrong but I can be wrong…but I’m not wrong…not this time 🙂 . I can choose to back down, shrink into a corner or I can choose to be vocal. I’m being vocal. I don’t want to hurt anyone but we have to reach out to people. I’m not saying to put yourself at risk but be more aware of what is around. Appreciate people more. Smile. Become passionate about life and let it infect others. Don’t let people hurt you with words. Don’t let the negativity in this world tear you down. Find a way to help others. If we only helped as much as we criticize…sigh


I’ve studied people. Observing, watching. We like what makes us feel good and that isn’t a really bad thing. There is so much hatred in the world. Isn’t it time we remove the hate? 🙂

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Is there really any truth to what people refer to as global warming or climate change? I don’t like political things—nothing new—but Friday, I reposted a video on facebook that I thought demonstrated our effect (humans’) on our earth. A longtime “friend” said it was good except for mentioning global warming. In truth, the entire video was about nature and what man has done–see video at the end of my post if you are interested. She also said the French were stupid…sometimes I just shake my head.


I told her that glaciers would soon be a thing of the past and polar ice is disappearing faster than it can reform. That seemed to just anger her. She said that we have had heat waves in the past and they were nothing new. She also said global warming was a term made up by an idiot trying to scare people.


Ok. I get it that people are skeptical. I was too, at first. It seems that so many people do not understand we are here to care for our earth and we are destroying it. It’s easy to stick one’s head in the sand and pretend nothing is happening. It is easy to make fun of others when you don’t understand the science behind the observations.


I asked her to unfriend me on facebook…I wanted her to know I was not happy with her comments. I’ve known her all of my life but I will not be told that this is just a matter of differing opinions. I told my daughters about it and they wondered how anyone doesn’t see what we are doing to our world—our home–our earth. I am very passionate about some things and this is one of them. Science is not an opinion.


I really dislike it when people try throwing their weight around attempting to agitate others and she has been doing this in several ways. I said something about it in a private message and she said that she has been stepped on too many times. I kindly said I have been stepped on all of my life but it does not give me the right to step on someone else. There are some other things about this but writing them would be just more bashing another person. My intent is to show we need to be aware of our world and not closed in or sealed off. It is about more than a few people. What we do here affects the entire planet. Other people live here, too.


I am afraid that this is what happens when hatred becomes such a part of your life that you cannot see past the end of your nose. You can tell me that the tree in my yard is purple when it is really green. Just because you say it is purple does not make it true. Just because we ignore our part in the destruction of our world doesn’t change things. We either acknowledge and make changes in our lifestyles or we ignore and doom our planet to an early death or at least human life. Responsibility is not party affiliated—republican, democrat, independent or other. We all are responsible. We choose to do something or we choose to ignore. We choose to be a part of the solution or we continue to be a part of the problem. Simple.


In case you don’t believe we are doing harm to our atmosphere, weather, water supplies, etc., I urge you to begin to study in depth about the oceans and the measurements of elements and aquatic life, temperature changes, salinity, etc. Chart data. Include information about storms. Study the levels of the atmosphere and how much pollution there is. Then take a look at how many trees have been destroyed and not replanted—particularly the rainforests. Study the ice shelves of Antarctica. Observe the polar habitats that are disappearing before our eyes. And, if that’s not enough, begin studying about solar storms. Don’t take anyone’s word for it but don’t believe everything is all hunky dory.


Sorry. 🙂 Sometimes I have to vent my frustrations, too. Oh, and here is a link to what started it all… Hope you enjoy it! It has been around a while so you may have seen it before.



Have a great Sunday! 😀

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I was going to write about the debate last night but I find my pinterest account more interesting—much like the super bowl from Sunday night. Just like FB, I said I would never have a pinterest account. I finally set up one a few weeks ago—didn’t tell anyone. I wanted to store some images and information for something I am writing and it was the perfect thing to use. Then I added some other categories. I don’t follow people and I don’t usually re-pin things from other people.



I found a photo of a flower decorating idea the other day. It’s pretty—I think. I find it hard to understand how popular it has become—interesting. I try to remain in the shadows. My FB is lagging—I really don’t like it because only one of my real friends is on there…ok, maybe 2. 😀 Interesting how we connect to each other and don’t connect.



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You have no control of which family you are born into or the circumstances but after you are brought into the world is up to those who are your parents, grandparents and the like to care for you, protect you and love you.

Family - from Protect Your Heart  c 2012

Family – from “Protect Your Heart-Your Wife Is in There” c 2012

Those are the basic needs of each one of us no matter what family we are born into. I would argue that these are requirements to fulfill our duties as parents and only the least that we can do. Some will argue that once you reach 21, a parent is no longer responsible or needed. I disagree and believe that many times these are those moments when young adult children need their parents more than ever not as someone to lean on but to be there as a counselor.


For the past several months I have not believed what I have witnessed from my husband’s family and I use the term, husband AND family very loosely. I am not here to air my laundry but to call attention to what is happening more and more across the globe.


My youngest daughter who just turned 21 is making a break from the family—her father’s family. She went to visit them—her grandparents, step-siblings and all back during the summer. Her aunt was very rude to her and had nasty things to say. I should not expect any different. My daughter has also discovered that there were lies told to her over and over when she asked about her father to varying members. After his mistress contacted my daughter with threats and accusations last month—trying to manipulate her, my daughter had enough. She deleted all but one cousin from facebook. Then on my daughter’s birthday Sunday the aunt was the only one to re-request to be a friend. My daughter denied it—her prerogative. I said earlier—the girls have to make their decisions. You would think it might stop here but no…


My step-daughter has decided with the rest of the family to gang up on my daughter publicly on facebook. I really don’t understand people. The step-daughter did not mention my daughter by name but everyone knows who she is talking about. How childish and how cowardly to do this and not give her a chance to refute what the step-daughter has said. Now, I don’t know about the rest of the world but this is not family. Family cares for the other. I know many families who do not but I know families who have severe issues and still care in their way. This family doesn’t. Who does this? None of them read my blog. Too bad. They may learn something. 🙂


I have long disliked a lot about facebook for this very reason. Does anyone actually think that doing this to my daughter or to anyone else is going to bring about harmony, peace, make things better? People get caught up in the power they have with people liking what they say, cheering them on as they attack others. I have stood back and tried to take the high road for so long. I taught my children that people who do this type of stuff do not matter. It hurts me—immensely. After all the girls have been through and family didn’t reach out or anything, they are now attacking? My nightmare just became worse than a Stephen King novel—no insult to Mr. King. I can’t undo anything. I can’t make it better. I can’t make it right.


More than likely if you read my blog, you aren’t this type of person to begin with, but please let this serve as a reminder that no matter what is going on in our lives and how we see others, don’t attack them. I have a conscience. I like to be able to live with it and sleep at night. I know that I haven’t done anything to deserve this nor have my daughters. I could write a book about how people will attack what they see as the weak ones but are attacking because they see a threat. Don’t pick a fight. Choose to be good and treat others as you would desire.


May your day be blessed and your gardens yield only fine fruit, multiplying with exceeding goodness! Happy Gardening! 😀


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As we age and arrive at the end our term, as our sense of longevity begins to wane, we tend to see things in a different light. No longer do we pass through life with few cares as we did when first beginning our life without our parents. We know the end is coming, maybe not tomorrow or the day after, but rather than life traveling at a snail’s pace it feels like we are speeding to the end of the road—perhaps without brakes.


Without using the term that begins with a “d” and ends with an “h,” what do you see when you think of that day? First, do you think of what may happen when you are gone? Some do not consider this time, but we will not live ‘forever.’ Do you think about who will be left behind—who will suffer loss and pain? Many times we are so focused on the event of passing and believe since it is inevitable that we should not think about it nor discuss it. What will we leave that is undone and will need to be taken care of? Will those who are left know without a doubt that we loved them fully? These are some of things I think of.  


There are all types of social media, but do we really connect to people? Do we let them know how much we care? I have worried about who I would leave behind for quite some time. Perhaps if I had given more thought I would have chosen not to have a family—I don’t regret it for one minute, but I don’t want them to hurt and be in pain. This is the unselfish part of me but at the time I wanted family because mine was fading away.


Who will be there? Who will be standing at the grave? There have been times where I thought I wouldn’t be missed by anyone. Those are selfish feelings. What really matters is how others will feel when we are gone—feelings of loss and pain. How will loved ones go on without you? Will they know without a doubt where your heart was before you left? I encourage you to consider this if you haven’t before—not to be overly concerned—but to let others know how you feel. Take nothing for granted. Let your loved ones and friends know how you feel. Don’t let them guess in the event that you leave today or soon after or decades down the road.


Have a most glorious day and may your garden grow with great bounty. Happy Gardening! 😀 

NOTE:  I wanted to let everyone know that I am not preoccupied with this subject…I realized after I wrote this it may seem this way. I asked someone last week–who has been really selfish–who he saw at his grave and who did he think he would leave behind. We cannot think everything is only about ‘us’ (me-me-me syndrome) … Have a good day!


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from WRDW

Yes, I am a proud mother today. We must be careful when we choose our battles as in when speaking up about something or when some injustice we feel is taking place. We must understand the consequences and know that there will always be someone with a different viewpoint. We must know what to say and how exactly to say it. I try to see things from more than one side but I still have my own opinions. Good and moral values are something I would think most people would want for their children, but the way of the world is quickly turning another way. It is not a secret that I am not a fan of FB—I cannot even write the name anymore. I guess this story tells just why I do not like it. If you have not read the first posting, please stop now and read Honor and Respect – Part 1 first.

During the funeral procession Thursday, a FB friend of my daughters (plural-a girl they went to high school with) was not just complaining about the traffic–that it was only one officer and that he was not even on duty when he was shot–she did not see the sense in all of the cars and all. She just wanted to get to class so she could get “some knowledge.” I guess she has had her ears plugged into something other than the news of any form for the past several days and did not hear all of the announcements about the funeral route. My daughters commented that he died in the line of duty whether he was on the clock or not and the funeral was to show him respect-much more eloquent words than I can give here. I guess that hit a nerve with her and she began to attack my daughters. It was nasty.

Given my previous posting and all of what we have been going through, my daughters were hurt when she started saying these things and accusing them of things. She also accused the law enforcement community of making a big deal of the processional because they wanted more money for all of their “stations” and that no one seemed to care about a woman who was murdered a few weeks ago. Yes, and I have some lovely beachfront property I would like to sell…     What hurt the most was how many people liked what this FB friend was saying and urging her to attack my daughters and the police even more-it was like a gang type thing going on. I wanted to know why she was considered a friend and then proceeded to dig into some of her info. Number one, she was arrested earlier this year for shoplifting (not local). If I had to guess from the info, it was with a ring of girls—just guessing here. She seems to have also developed a very close relationship with the cannabis plant I mentioned back a couple of posts ago. In essence, she is part of the element that law enforcement officers have to deal with on a daily basis. Oh, and she has over a 1000 friends on FB if that says anything.

I am proud of my daughters not because that they spoke up but for what they had to say and how they said it. We had some very nice discussions, too. We talked about how hard it is to stand up for something when you sometimes feel that you are standing alone. We discussed how many people may follow blindly behind someone but it does not make that person any more right. And, we talked about how people listen to the loudest person shouting but that doesn’t mean they are right either. So very many people, especially younger adults, have absolutely no respect for anyone but themselves-that me-me-me attitude. And, people who do not know any better teach others to not have respect. It is much like what I used to say many years ago – ignorance breeds stupidity. That is the scary part considering the fate of the world. Maybe if people had more respect for others, JD would still be alive today. By the way, on further investigation into what really preceded JD’s murder, the woman with the shooter seems to have played a bigger part than first thought-not that she fired the rifle-but that she was responsible for the fight and did some things that have shown how truly selfish she is. I think the shooter could not deal with her, but this is only guessing. He is still responsible for his actions.

So, while the pages where HONOR and RESPECT have been torn out of the dictionary, I am glad that there are still people are trying to tape them back in. That brings a little peace to my soul and I cannot express how proud I am. Teaching a child to ride a bike is not easy sometimes. You constantly go over the basics and work through it with them until finally you are walking along with them holding on and then off they go riding away with no help. Yes, I am a proud mom today. Doing the right thing is not always easy, but it is what we are called to do.

Happy Gardening and may we learn to show respect to others even when we think they do not deserve it!

My apologies for bogging down. I have to get through this and it is not easy. Thank you for all for your thoughts and prayers. We will get through it. It will just take time. Take care!


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Friend Me!

Surely you have heard these words, “Friend me,” and more than likely you have a Facebook account. We are an interesting species. We want to have friends, searching for that attachment with others yet we want to be individually different in order to stand out. While promoting relationships seems to be a good thing for all of us, most social networking sites are promotional propaganda that we seem to just buy into over and over. In other words, it is all about money and what others can get out of it. Varying websites have their own forums and ways to link people together while setting those who are different apart. I’m not sure that this is such a good thing.

People want to have individual ideas and thoughts to set them apart, but the more we ‘friend others’ the more we become alike and the less we stand out. Peer pressure plays a part in this, and this is not paranoia speaking; it is psychology. I am not against having friends, but it seems that the definition of friendship is being redefined through our social networks. Being a true friend means that one is often willing to forgo selfish things in order to put a friend first. The road goes both ways. While I am willing to do whatever is needed for a friend, I know I can count of them, too. I cannot speak for everyone, but many of these network friends are only connected for selfish reasons. This is not a friend. There is a big difference between knowing someone as an acquaintance and having a friend.

No, I do not particularly like Facebook and some of the other social networks. For one thing, I like to have that one-on-one contact (face-to-face) with people. I think we are losing our social skills because of our interactions through the internet (email, ims, text messaging, tweets, etc). Emicons or emoticons and such will not replace actual facial expressions or voice reflection. So often, it is the personal contact that makes the differece. And, we are forgetting what true friends are. We seem to be losing the depth of friendship, and I am concerned that we are becoming more callous and act with less empathy because of our increasing dependence on other forms of communication. This is dangerous in the “ME, ME, ME” world that we are in today.

When speaking about not having a Facebook account because I like other ways to communicate and the fact that I do not like how people and companies collect personal and non-personal information from the internet, someone told me that only people who have something to hide are the ones who do not have a Facebook account. What? How shallow was that? I don’t feel that I have anything to hide where this other person has a good bit. We should always be careful when we assume we know what is going on with someone else, and in order to have friends, we must BE a friend-a good one. Good words to live by.

Happy Gardening!

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