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My Boo-boo

The pattern calls for 3 picots and I made 4. What a bad mistake even if it is early on. I thought about doing an alternating sequence but if I can’t remember 3 rather than 4 do you really think I can remember to go 3-4-3-4?? Not in any way, shape, or form–too many cobwebs. And, by adding the extra picot I made the chain longer which will not look right. 😦

I was so happy to get some smaller yarn to try. It is more dainty looking (I cannot say “daintier”). This is a size 20. I had been using a size 10. There is a big difference and the needle I am using now is a size 7 which also makes a difference. Is that confusing enough? The yarn/thread goes even smaller believe it or not. Normally this wouldn’t be a big thing but since the thread is smaller, I could not get the finishing knot out. I still have almost no feeling in the right hand and it has become more cumbersome to use. All of this will have to be trashed—not that it matters about the knots but about the long tail that doesn’t show.


If you would like to learn this type of tatting, there are plenty of videos on the web and there is a book I purchased at Hobby Lobby using a 40% coupon making my total to be about $15. It is not the best book but it included needles (not sure all of theirs do). It is called Learn Needle Tatting Step-by-Step by Barbara Foster. This particular book included 4 needles AND a needle threader. A set of needles was about $12 on its own, so I figure I did pretty well.


I have a lot to learn and as evident above and there are lots of misfires in that brain of mine. I still confuse right and left but we won’t go there. Have a most blessed day and may you be a light for someone who needs it today. Happy Gardening in all that you do, and we can all become master gardeners on the road of life! Please take care. 😀 



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This is my clutch that I am making to carry my super duper cell phone, credit cards, and thousands of membership cards (maybe not 1000s). I have more to do… (these photos were taken with my phone–I’m not impressed)


Left–Clutch closed  …………  Right–Clutch open        Zippered pocket is for change; pocket behind zippered one is for cell phone; card pocket above is only tacked in and not finished. More work to be done.

I used batting and flannel to pad it and then machine quilted it. This is not exactly what I wanted but it will do.


And, this is how far I have come with my tatting for the towel—more than halfway done but I have gotten sidetracked.

I worked on it when I had to have my tire replaced because I ran whammed into a curb drain at the cemetery. 😦  As so many tell me, “If it wasn’t for all of the bad luck you have, you would have no luck at all.” 😕


New project…

I am making some changes in ‘my’ bathroom–little things. When we bought this house 20 years ago I chose a shower curtain that had a similar design as the wallpaper. I want to remake this room into something like a spa for ME. I have to take more baths now because of pain—I want to really enjoy this room. I want to close the door on the world and have the bath be transformed into my own private sanctuary.

Can you hear the waterfall, the birds chirping, and smell those beautiful flowers…oh, wait, that is my bubble bath … 😀


I looked through countless shower curtains online and in the stores…found a few I liked but there was something not right about each one—not in stock, wrong material, too much, too much for shipping, takes too long to get it, etc. And, if I order online I won’t know exactly what I am getting. This is a big deal for me. I have picked out 5 automobiles (4 NEW cars and 1 used truck) in the same time I have had this same shower curtain… I really didn’t want to make a curtain but guess what…yes, that is what I am doing. 🙂


I found a king size sheet SET for cheaper than what I was planning to pay for a curtain, made out of the material I was looking for…  It doesn’t match my wallpaper but without much thought, I proceeded to get a matching bath rug and now need a matching or coordinating/contrasting bath mat.

Ok, it’s RED. Kind of reminds me of my hair color right after I dyed it. I think this color has become my favorite though purple will always have a place in my heart. 


What’s next? A tattoo? Maybe a red heart? I am not a tattoo person but I need things to signify that I am making changes in my life. I draw the line at any more piercings though I can’t feel on the right side… 


Have a most blessed day and Happy Gardening! 😀


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I learned to tat today! I really did. I can’t believe it. The classes began back in September but things prohibited me from getting there. A friend paid my registration fee–thank you! I am not excellent (yet—and I doubt I will get to where I want to be but…) but my picots finally look more alike than the last 100 times I have tried. This lady uses a weaving needle and it is the difference between night and day. I wish my grandmother could see me now. I hope she would be proud of me—her little sugar pie learning something that I can only aspire to be as good as she was and will never come close but I’m trying. I was a quick learner and caught up to where the group is but I want to do some practice runs before I start my towel project. And, I have to teach the girls to tat…


Other things…

When I decided to put the book online, I had no idea it would take so long to get the photographs just like I wanted—even some of them aren’t exactly like what I want but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have 8 more photos to do plus the “cover” photo needs finishing. I had to redo about half of them because I didn’t like the way they looked after I put them on the page. I really hope this turns out good. You will know when I get it done… I think I need to really celebrate that day because I never thought it would take so much time but then again, I have had some things come up along the way.


Have a great day/evening and Happy Gardening! 😀


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It was a working weekend and I overdid. The person who used to share my life (and our my bed) came to help my daughter clean the yard Saturday morning. Shocking, right? She asked him one more time to come to help but thought he would not come. I had places to be (tatting class for one) but opted to stay home to make sure things went ok—right choice. The neighbor lady came and helped us on Sunday and I paid her yard man to haul the yard waste away Tuesday—YEA!!!!! The front yard does not look like a jungle anymore but the back…well, I’ll get back to you on that. The individual who came Saturday cut that big limb and cut the weeds in the backyard. It is the most work this man has done in years–real work–really. We pruned the bushes in the front so bare that there are only about 20 leaves per bush now.


I passed out Friday morning…the increase in depression medicine is not going well. I was washing my hands in the kitchen sink then reached back for a towel and back I went—straight back—wham on the floor. Not a great feeling. Last night, I fell on my way back to bed. Two pills made me extremely moody, agitated, and I was having muscle tremors and the headaches were worse. I was supposed to increase to 3 pills this week, but I have decided to go back to one pill to help me sleep like it was originally prescribed and possibly go off this medicine. I can see why they say to watch for suicidal tendencies. I have never been able to take any type of depression medicine–too many side effects and other meds interfere with them.


  • Things are coming together—finally—at least in the virtual world. There are links to my other two blogs but the one with the book is not quite ready—so close that I have butterflies—notice the photos to the right.
  • I have added a page for my bucket list and will keep it updated–possibly better than my memory quilts and other projects.
  • Some of the plants are ready to be set out for our fall garden but I need to get azaleas and whatever else.
  • And, I have decided on a cell phone–I delayed it to this week when the foot traffic is a little less than it was last week due to the I-phone 5. No, I do not want an I-phone… 😀 Today should be the day. I’m excited!!!!


Have a great day (and rest of the week) and may you have a wonderful harvest from all your gardens! Happy Gardening! 😀


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The record highs have begun and it is only February. It was 82 degrees today breaking the old record of 81 that was set in 1909. Please tell me it will not be as hot as last year—please! I am still waiting for winter…

What have I been up to? Let’s see… my husband is still away-things are better in some ways and not so great in others. We are working at it, but it’s very trying. My health is not doing so well but hey, I’ve lost weight. Simon (my daughter’s our cat) had his one year anniversary this past Sunday. It is hard to believe that we have had him for an entire year. I have a blog entry to post about him with photos… He really misses my hubby and pouts when he doesn’t come by—makes two of us, but don’t tell anyone. My daughter who had lung surgery last year received good news today from her pulmonologist. If she does well for the next 6 months, the doctor will cut her loose. She has to make it through pollen season first.

Finally, I have been working on things to put in our etsy shop. I was hoping that it would be up and running by now but things don’t always go as I plan. I have gone back to doing some counted cross-stitch and designing some other new things (the photo is a clue). Quilting has taken a backseat for a while, but I will get back to it one day soon. My painting and tatting (New Year’s resolutions) are just thoughts for the moment but other things have been fruitful. It is a tradeoff.

I hope your gardens have been fruitful. Happy Gardening in everything you do!


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from kids.baristanet.com

As I teeter on the edge of the New Year, I am like many people, debating resolutions. It is good to resolve one’s self to do better but it is better to commit to those resolutions rather than quickly making a list. When the girls were little I encouraged them to write down things they wanted to improve on. Their lists were kept available to see if they were making progress but like so many of us by that following June the list had become a faint memory. I remember one year when my eldest daughter took her old list and changed the year to reflect the new year. I asked why she thought she would work on the same things if she made little progress the year before. Her answer was that she still needed to improve. I think a lot of us are like that—we know what we need to do but doing it is another thing.

Many of my projects and dreams did not make it to fruition this year, but I cannot fret over them. In fact, this sentiment is reflected in my first resolution:

1)  I resolve to follow my heart in my designs and to not beat myself up over incomplete projects—no remorse. If I lose interest in something, I will put it away until my heart gets into it again…I do this pretty much anyway, but I let it get to me—guilt, and the guilt just makes it harder to go back to.

2)  I resolve to grow my talent in new things such as tatting and improving my painting skills. I have tried to learn to tat and could never master it, but I want to make sure that I succeed in 2012. I lack confidence in some of my artistic talent. This holds me back. I want to break through that wall next year.

3)  I resolve to sell some of my creations. I didn’t sell anything this year, and this has hurt. I think this will also give me more confidence and the feeling of self-worth.

That’s not all that I aim to work on, but these are my main three as far as art goes. If I feed the artist part of me, the inner part will also blossom. If I get to the things that I did not finish this year (or get off the drawing board), so be it. If I don’t, so be it also. I believe that if my heart is not in it, I will not like it no matter how it looks. I want to try new things and improve on the ‘old’ things. I want to be appreciated for who I am and what I can do but I know I must appreciate myself and my work first.

Life is short. We should make the most of what we have.

Happy Gardening and may you be blessed beyond measure in the coming year!

Happy New Year!

Happy 2012!


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