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Before I ever post anything, I think and rethink what I will say, how it will sound. Many times I trash my posts or put them in a folder that says “Do not post.” I try to make a conscious effort not to hurt people’s feelings. I take into account that I am different than so many people and should not feel hurt that someone doesn’t see the same way I do.


I used to think I just walked to the beat of a different drummer—well, I do. But, I also try to bridge the gap. I have tried to do this more so lately. Deep down there is this person who really cares about each person on earth but there is also a person who wants to say, “Hey, I can have an opinion, too.” When someone calls me out on things, I feel like I did something wrong but that is exactly what I have been trying to say for so long—that we are entitled to be wrong and maybe “wrong” isn’t so wrong after all.


Ok, I have to make some changes to the rules or at least post them. I love to have open discussion about things but I will not “do” confrontation unless I feel that it is important—there is a purpose. I do not want to become an opposition to anyone. If I feel that there is a comment that is trying to stir something up, I have in the past allowed the comment and would not respond. I thought that was fair but now, I will reserve the right to post comments under these guidelines:


  • Number 1:  Comments are accepted at my discretion. If I feel a comment does not add to the post or conversation—if I believe it will make matters worse—I will not approve the comment. My sincere apologies but it is my blog. 
  • Number 2:  If I say something that sounds offensive, you are free to let me know. I welcome constructive criticism but understand this is my blog.
  • Number 3:  I tend to be very opinionated so this journey I have been on has been a challenge at times. Try biting your tongue or biting your lips most of the day. Sometimes, like now, an opinion not well accepted by mainstream will get through. Apologies. It’s my blog.


Is that everything? No. I tend to apologize for things—too much—things that are not under my control. It is my overactive empathy gene. I realize other people need to take some responsibility, too. You may ask why I am addressing this now. This is what happens when I post something not so comfy for others. Now, you will ask where did I go “wrong?”


The last post was a fabulous reblog on love so you know it would not be questioned and then there was the 2 part LOVE post. Another one was against hatred (which is really about love). Then there was the one about the duck and the pond which is perspective (how we see things), 2 St Patrick’s Day posts, and one on how we treat others (love). Do you see a theme here?


Love is my mainstay. It is what keeps me going. It is my journey. I will, I hope, for as long as I draw breath try to bridge the gap in places that are calling for hate. I will do my best to avoid confrontation but I have been around the block a few times—I will not lie down and be run over. I am not perfect but I know a lot of ways to screw up and I can at least relay something about them. 😀


Now then, I want to get back to blogging a lot more and having fun. I know I will say things people will not agree with but hey… Life is valuable and I really don’t have a lot of time to waste.


Blessings… 😀




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…a web is woven…

A couple of months ago, I felt the need to be blessed. My faith does not have such a thing really except for praying for another but I felt I needed this—a physical laying on of hands so to speak. I don’t know why. I asked my husband for us to be blessed together—you know where that went.


…the worm draws into the cocoon…

I have been on a journey this year and for so long I walked through the valley of pain—heartache all around along with physical pain. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. In fact, this place where I am does not want pain for others and is a result of the journey (not the destination). Truth be told, I have been on this journey a lot longer than most people know. Now, it is up to me to live as a true example of what I have learned.


…a change takes place…

Before this year, the worst time of my life was when I lost my dad. That event caused my seemingly steadfast faith to falter. I ran and hid from God but He was always there—right there behind me. This time around, I ran TO God. There is such a difference. My faith has been strengthened and I believe it is because the people I have kept close around me who have encouraged and prayed with and for me and my family.


…it’s time…

Back to the blessing— Last weekend I was nudged to rededicate my life at church this weekend. That means that I will go to the front of the church and ask to take the Lord as my Savior at the end of the service on Sunday. It means that I want to make a public confession of faith not unlike the original one made years ago. In all honesty, I feel like I have been a part of my husband’s sins and I need to step out of the muck I have been in, shake my feet, and continue on. I have things to do…


No one was to know about this (I wanted it to be a surprise) but then I told the lady who has been there for me through all of this. She offered to take that walk with me—so kind, so very kind. I had to tell her that I had to do this by myself. I still cry during every service and have trouble walking so I suspect she is worried. What a great friend to offer this.


So, tomorrow, if all goes as planned, I will recommit my life to the Lord. So many things have tried to thwart this decision this week so I’m sure there will be more things to come up before it is time. This is not for show such as when Jesus talked about the Pharisee and the tax collector. This is the real thing. It is what is in my heart. Abraham was called to offer his son as a sacrifice to show his obedience to the Lord. God didn’t need to know what was on Abraham’s heart but Abraham needed to know. When Jesus asked Peter if he loved Him, Jesus didn’t need to know what was on Peter’s heart—Jesus knew. Peter needed to know. God knows what is on my heart—but Amy needs to know and needs to make this statement.

…and the butterfly emerges…


May your life be truly blessed and may your garden grow beautiful bounty! Happy Gardening!


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I updated my profile:  About me, the person behind the blog. I had written that extra piece a while back but forgot to add it in when I first began the blog.

So, what’s in the garden today? The temps are deciding how the garden grows I’m afraid. It is still HOT missing records just shy of a few degrees and will be hotter next week – into the 100s again! I cannot take this. I don’t do well in the heat. So, I am inside most of the time. Today, I am working on a quilt-a small one. I hope to post some pictures later on, but it is taking me longer than I wanted to get to it. Sewing is one of my passions that came from necessity. I will talk more about sewing and quilting later on. For now, here’s to happy gardening inside and outside!

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Or is it “From INSANITY to INFINITY”?       You choose.

I have wanted to start a wordpress blog for a while but just could not find the time for it (no, this is not my first blog). Rather than it be specifically themed (because I am just not wired that way) this blog will be a conglomeration of many things. It will include mostly topics that I am passionate about and some that I care less about. There may be that occasional off the wall topic, but let me say that I dislike the mundane while I relish the slower pace of life. Things I do and say sometimes make absolutely no sense to others. I apologize. There are times I will say “right” while I am pointing to my “left” (and vice versa). It is a crazy and mixed up world that I live in, and I have decided to share some of it with some of the rest of the universe. So, off we go!

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