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Wisdom #3


Always use separate tubes of toothpaste in your partnership to keep the harmony in your lives.

Do you know how many marriage problems begin with the simplest thing? You know…when you have one person who squeezes from the bottom of the tube and another who squeezes from the top? Such a simple solution! 🙂


May your gardens be happy ones! 🙂


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Wisdom #2

Be thankful for everything you have.

We may always want but we can appreciate everything we have–even the smallest of things, people, memories. Being thankful causes us to be more aware and in tune with our universe. This in turn brings us peace and happiness. 🙂

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Wisdom #1

Never ask the question that you already know the answer…

So many times we know the answer but we don’t want to face it. Sometimes it is good and sometimes not so much. Dwelling on it isn’t going to help. We must deal with the matter at hand and go with it. Have a great day!!! 🙂

  • Wisdom comes in all sorts of packages–some small and some big but there is always a lesson to be learned in our daily travels. May you find peace and happiness.

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