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Each day I’m a little more embarrassed about my president but today was hurtful. I know it seems a small thing but it’s Friday and the end of two very bad weeks from this administration. It’s just too much to take. People will say I’m picking but it’s the overall lack of respect for others that gets me about this administration and president in particular. I shouldn’t be surprised. They did say they hate being politically correct which I just thought was being human and decent. Oh well.


I was always told that you can tell who is a gentleman if the man holds the door open or allows the woman to walk through first or opens the car door and such. Now, I know there are some women who might argue against this type of behavior but men should still offer and not feel hurt if the woman turns him down or says for him to go first. Many women are trying to be courteous though some might take offense. Me, I say thank you. Anyway, it looks bad when a man doesn’t do these things especially in public. Case in point is our president.


You may argue against this but most men would allow their wife to enter the building before them. They would even open the door for their spouse and anyone else as a gesture of good etiquette. If you can’t treat your wife with decency then I know you won’t treat anyone else with decency but then again, anyone caught saying the things he has said is just trash I don’t care what excuse you give.


Not shaking Chancellor Merkel’s hand today was just awful but what’s worse is the posture of this man and the way he came across before the press was asked to leave. You may say this was an informal time and all is good and I will say, bollocks. BBC World tweeted a link to their story and asked about the body language. Here is a shot.



She was sitting with legs crossed and hands together. Trump was sitting lunging forward over his knees with hands pressed together. He was frowning most of the time and she had a light-hearted smile. Someone in the room asked if they would do a handshake. With no response from Trump, the chancellor asked him and was ignored. Ok…


What does this mean? Even though her legs were crossed, she was relaxed – comfortable. You could tell by her shoulders. I would add that she seemed cautious but most likely she was in her comfort posture before the public. She didn’t seem uptight but at ease. Trump was tense, rigid, frowning. In some ways, he looked fuming. He was not comfortable in the situation. When she addressed him, he would not face her and acted like she wasn’t there. That was really awful. This was more than an innocent gaffe. He looked like Mommy just told him he could not have dessert until he ate all of his vegetables. He really looked like he was pitching a temper tantrum.


The home country (the US in this situation) should make the effort to create an atmosphere comfortable for the visiting dignitary. This wasn’t happening in the room at the time but she has come to the US on several occasions to meet with the sitting president. This was not her first rodeo. So often during the debates, we are asked who won the debate. Clearly, Chancellor Merkel was in control of this room. She didn’t flaunt it. She wasn’t overbearing. But Trump behaved very poorly and it embarrasses me.


Happy Gardening! 🙂


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LOVEWhere has my hate gone? What happened to make me feel such compassion? Was it one thing or was it many?


What is the greatest commandment? I am sure you know. Jesus was asked this very question. In reality what I call the keepers of The Law, the Pharisees, wanted to give Jesus enough rope to hang himself. They expected Him to choose one of the great commands from The Law but rather Jesus told of the greatest… 🙂


Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

Matthew 22:37-40 (NIV)


We see ourselves loving God first, but do we love our neighbor as our self? Our neighbor is not just the person who lives next door, across the street, or across town or even the person across the country or on the same continent far away. Our neighbor is not just the person we call friend but is our enemy too. Our neighbor is everyone—all people. 🙂 We cannot choose whom we love. We must love all. We cannot separate ourselves from others. We cannot divide.


Love. It is THE command…not just the greatest…it must come first as the scripture says the Law and the Prophets hang on these two but these two commands are one. We cannot love God and not love our neighbor. We cannot love God and not love our enemy. Hard words. Difficult to follow. There is always something we dislike, feel that we cannot tolerate. There will be things that separate us—differences. Tolerance is only the first step. It cannot stop here. We must continue…to strive… LOVE is the road, the journey. It is the path on our quest to PEACE.


I believe with all of my heart that God cries—that he sheds tears and feels pain each time we hurt someone with words or actions (even inactions) especially when we do so in His NAME. We must LOVE . . . period. 🙂



May your life be so very blessed and may something here touch your heart! Peace to you! 😀

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