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My children studied the events that led up to the various wars of the last century specifically Nazi Germany. Today, they keep up with the news and not just face time on TV which I think is a grand accomplishment in itself. Often they will ask, “What was it like… (fill in the blank)…back when (such and such) happened. I’ll give them my perspective even telling them how it impacted my life and shaped my beliefs. Not until recently have they experienced much of this for themselves.


They are shocked to hear how the leader of the American government treats the citizens and friends and allies. I frequently hear these words, “But Mom, this is what happened while Hitler was in power. Why don’t people see this?” I just smile and whence deep inside elated that they see it but deeply troubled that it is happening during their lifetime in the year 2017. I keep telling myself it’s 2017 but my brain doesn’t seem to believe it. We have had countless conversations of what it means to be politically correct and why treating others with respect is not a bad thing and we talk about the daily happenings and how it will impact future generations.


As much as I would love for this next topic to go away, it’s not. White supremacy is not a thing in my eyes. I don’t recognize it no matter how many people pledge allegiance to such a grotesque way of thinking. You may think white power type of thing has to be labeled in order to see it as such but it doesn’t. These things start subtly and become more of the norm just like you watch today certain people such as the alt-right/Nazi guy who visited Auburn University recently (I’m not writing his name anymore). He can call it what he wants but it is still about white superiority (in his mind). Watch any or all of his videos. In other countries, he would be in jail but we have what we call freedom of speech—however, that does NOT mean that we have to give him a platform on which to speak such as story after story in the media. Yes, people need to know what he says but he’s in the news as a regular guy (eye roll).


To many, he is a novelty, something different so he is of interest. To me, he speaks nothing but hate inciting hate in other people. Imagine doing such against other races of human beings just because they have a different pigment or different religion, etc. I’m rolling my eyes even more because it’s 2017. I grew up amid the civil rights fight and the push back against the government integrating the schools. I live and lived in the south at the time. It was awful. I digress.


May 1 was designated loyalty day long ago. It’s nothing new. I don’t agree with it. I’m fine with patriotism. I’m even great with it but we have a tinderbox full of hot coals ready to blow up into the biggest wildfire that has ever swept this country. This type of call to allegiance reminds me of the time leading up to Nazi Germany. Plenty have dismissed this but there are so many similarities. I have lived my entire life saying it couldn’t happen here but just like my kids are witnessing the happenings of today, I have to change my way of thinking. It IS happening here. Further evidence can be seen at our fearful leader’s campaign rallies even three months after inauguration. Same thing happened in Germany. It’s like they are following along the Nazi playbook.


What happens to people if they don’t pledge their allegiance or they don’t do it in a manner others think you should? Look at those who protested the national anthem or rather look at the ones who criticized those who protested. Do I get jailed or deported because I don’t subscribe to the same level of allegiance on loyalty day? Look at those who criticize the saying of “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas.” This is not saying let’s encourage better morale but saying dam* to anyone who isn’t like them.


It took a while for Germany to change over to Nazi control. It didn’t happen overnight but they had a reason for enacting each rule they came up with in order to go against another group of people. Similar to what is happening here. This is fascism pure and simple. We are not at the eve of a fascist government – we are in a full-fledged fascist regime.


Silencing the media is one of the crucial parts of this. When free press is wiped out, freedom of speech is next to go. And, one of the most difficult things to watch lately is the abuse of power over the justice system. Our democratic republic (giving that name is wishful thinking—I know) was established so that there are balances of power – to keep any single branch from having autocratic power. That is being abolished by strong-armed tactics (bully ways). More eye-rolling on my part.


I could go on and on but loyalty day to me symbolizes the cementing of this fascist type of government. Clearly seen by many and by his own words this past week, the man was not prepared for this position as president. Most of us know the job is difficult. He spent eight years criticizing President Obama because he thought the job was so easy. He’s a madman who wants to laud himself with great honors probably because of some family issue when he was growing up. He will always surround himself with things that tell him he is great because he cannot accept mistakes he makes – failure. He will always blame someone else. This is not different from other politicians but this is not characteristics of a president.

Martyn Pattison – Wikimedia Commons

As for me, I am choosing to celebrate the Gaelic customs of Bealtaine (Beltane) – the ancient fire festival ushering in the summer season. I tend to honor Mother Earth – she is what is important to me. If we don’t take care of her, there is no reason for anything else.


Happy Gardening and Happy Bealtaine! 🙂


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Nuclear Disarmament

Both parents worked for DuPont back during the cold war days at a facility that made tritium. I write this because another headline in the news hits home for me. For over 30 years, people have worked to disarm the superpowers of the world-to draw down nuclear weapons because some (rational) people realized that ‘more’ wasn’t always better. It’s been something that has helped me sleep better at night well, until I read the tweet by our president elect on his plans of building up of our nuclear arsenal. Are you kidding me? Over 30 years down the drain with one tweet! Imagine!!! I can’t grasp this. There is no way to do so.


So, this begs the question? We have gun problems in the US. Do more guns make us safer? NO! More nuclear weapons do not make us any safer either. In fact, they make us less safe. Savannah River Site will forever be a nuclear reservation of some sort whether it is actively making weapons or just managing the waste that exists there now or God forbid if they bring in more waste to store there. It was never meant to be a waste storage facility. I never thought the US would be building more nuclear weapons.


There is a video that I find interesting and very sobering to watch. It shows by year the nuclear tests for each country as reported. I watch it from time to time to remind me how close we have come to nuclear annihilation and that we aren’t that far away even now. Just imagine what will happen with a bigger arsenal. Did the president elect miss chemistry and history classes – I’m not even bringing up physics.


The video is about 15 minutes in length. If you have not seen it, I encourage you to watch it.


I won’t deny that we have enemies but good grief, we don’t have to alienate every single country on the face of the earth. I cannot imagine us going back to the cold war days. We have a nut in North Korea who would love to send a nuclear warhead our way. We sure as heck don’t need Russia, China, Iran, or anyone else to want the same or worse, want to band together to take us out. This type of mentality does not make us look strong. We look weak. If we let go of diplomacy, what are we?


I don’t like to do doomsday scenarios. I can’t imagine us dropping another nuclear weapon. Like I said – it doesn’t make us look strong. Imagine if we did though. Think of the consequences! History is there for us not to repeat. So far in 2016, we have been repeating much of the dark history of the 20th century. On the flip side, we may not have to worry about global warming/climate change if we wipe everything and everyone out.


Happy Gardening 😉

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If you have been keeping up with the news-real news-you know the plight of the Sioux and their fight to keep the oil pipeline from ever carrying that first drop of crude oil across their lands or near the waterways. You may think, oh-the pipeline is legitimate and is for the good of the people. Well, here is my take.


When the white man came to the continent of North America, the lands were already settled. The white man was the immigrant with no legitimate claim.

  • Most will say that Columbus discovered America but he wasn’t the first white man and America was already discovered.

Imagine if schools taught history in that light. The greatness and pride we were taught in school of how the white man took this country changes in perspective the more we learn the real story. Face it. We were sold a bill of goods and are we are still buying the BS.


In time, we-the white man-fought against the Native Americans or what I call Real Americans. On some fronts it was subtle. Like any good marketing ploy, the buyers/takers found something the Americans (Indians) would trade. A little swap here and a little swap there and the white man had gotten in the door. Eventually, we swindled the Americans out of their lands and put them on reservations. OOooo… pat ourselves on the back (sarcasm).


Reservation life was almost the equivalent-no, it was actually worse than ghettos because we were creating ghettos on purpose and not providing real resources to help. After all, if you keep someone “down” they won’t know they are “down” and will not present a problem for others, right? Sigh. I could go on and on about this.


Fracking (fracturing) is killing us. It is causing earthquakes-what do you expect when you use water to blast out gas in rocks that have been in place for millions plus number of years? And what type of water is used? Contaminated water which is another issue. Tell me there is no chance of water contamination when we don’t know that. Let’s ask Oklahomans how they feel about never-ending earthquakes due to fracking.


Take a look at the fracking wells. I was particularly interested when I was planning on moving to Colorado. Here is a link to show fracking wells plus other info: http://www.drillingmaps.com/fracking.html

Fracking wells tend to be in the poorer areas of the state. That’s because people who have money won’t put up with it and those who don’t can’t fight it. Usually, it’s a done deal before anyone can try to fight it in court but this piece is not about fracking. It’s about oil, Real Americans and greed.


pipeline liquids

Pipelines carrying liquefied fossil fuels


pipelines natural gas

Pipelines carrying natural gas


Oil was never meant to be used in great amounts. In natural form, it contaminates water and land. It can never be removed completely. When burned, it pollutes the air. It does harm and kills wildlife including humans. These pipelines are not safe. Leaks happen all of the time. The companies go to great lengths to hide these spills and misreport the spillage. This is greed at its finest. We allow this to happen. We encourage it when we don’t stop it.


One of the ‘take and give’ (in the white man’s eyes) legal actions came in the form of treaties. Listen, if I was a member of a gang that surrounded you with weapons and threatened to kill your family, would you make a treaty with me to save them? You bet you would. That’s how I see many of these “treaties” with the Real Americans happened. In order to keep some of their lands and people intact when they were backed into a corner, they signed. Today, we are doing the same thing. Like usual, we go back on our word.


Maybe you see this as a protest against a rightful oil pipeline and that the protestors are in the wrong. I see it as where every American should be outraged and should be protesting against this type of takeover. It should have never been built and furthermore-should have never been thought of being built: One, for the respect of Mother Earth and two, respect for Real Americans. Believe it or not, these actions affect us all.


We have given all of America over to the greedy corporations which in turn own our government. A nice cozy pair they make, right? What’s wrong with this picture? This is not the America that any of our ancestors envisioned. This control is not for the good of the people-all or any-except those who are raking in the millions at the top. I wonder where they live. It’s not around a pipeline or a fracking well or a coal mine, etc.


Until next time … Happy Gardening! 🙂



Photos used are from-http://www.pipeline101.com/where-are-pipelines-located

Credit there was given:  American Energy Mapping (AEM) 2013



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