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There is a young lady I know who is just as sweet as she can be. I’ve known her for more than 20 years and think the world of her. Hopefully our paths have many people like her who enrich our lives. She makes life more valuable by just knowing her especially when people are not quite so nice such as the following…


The other night I got into a discussion with a guy who was trying to shame someone on social media. He called a person gay and started telling the person how God doesn’t accept gays, etc. You may know the drill. “You are sinning against God.” Well, that’s about the nicest thing he has to say.


This guy makes it his mission to go after people who he thinks are less holy than him – the less righteous in his eyes. Most all of the people he attacks are not gay but that doesn’t stop his hatred and awful attacks. He enjoys it and then he has the audacity to shout he is “Christian” and that others are not.


He mentioned that “gays” have more depression, commit more suicide, do more drugs, and have more health issues than heterosexuals. He’s lost by the way if he believes all of this of which he does. I had to point out that it is people like him who contribute to depression and suicide by telling them how awful they are and that they have no hope for eternal life — that they are unholy and all of this garbage. He firmly believes he is pointing out “truth.” The quoted words are his.  


He’s not the only person that goes after and attacks others while proclaiming himself a Christian. I like to call him a Pharisee but that is quite insulting to the Pharisees – my apologies. I’ve not always been the way I am today and that’s a good thing. It shows that I have grown. Growing up with absolutes makes life almost impossible. 


You know what is a “sin?” The young lady’s father who doesn’t speak to her because she is in fact gay. He wants her to attend a certain church so they can pray the gay away. Now, that’s a sin.


I wish people would quit judging others. It is not their job in life. If you choose to believe in a certain faith, please be kind to others. For those people who call themselves Christians and condemn and say people are going to hell, I will forever stand with the people they condemn. If you read the Bible carefully you will see Jesus did that very thing.


There are “Christian” evangelists who are leading the call against people who are gay and other parts of the LGBTQ community. They call their followers to push against the “sin” and to rise up but in fact they are calling their followers to push against people. Listen up, if you feel this way, read the Bible and find that Jesus was against the law condemning people. He took the sides of the people in need – against the bullies. Love supersedes (Mosaic) law by his own admission. Perhaps it is because if you put yourself in the position of others, then you will not be so quickly to condemn since he called for people to love others as ourselves. Then look at what was reiterated over and over – humility. The last will be first and the first will be last. Being humble should be a daily challenge for all who spend their waking hours condemning others. 


My life is better today for all of the “gay” people I have known through the years. If you say or think EWWWW, then you might need to start thinking about people as people and not what they do when you don’t see them. That’s about as nice as I can put it.


Happy Gardening and please treat others in the way you would like to be treated! 🙂




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Lots to say but this is what I want to share…

The other day for my daughter’s birthday, we finally got to see the movie, Inside Out. It was great but what I really loved was the short shown before…this is just the music from it but I love it…hehe…




I lava this….. 🙂

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Life isn’t going the way a lot of people want it to go right now. I’m sorry. I feel your pain.


We are upon the end of June and the US Supreme Court will announce decisions today and Monday for the final wrap-up for this session. One of the big decisions is for same sex marriage. Most people believe (some are scared) that SCOTUS will rule in favor of SSM. That may further exasperate your pain. I think they should rule in favor.


I don’t have to defend my beliefs. I’m entitled to have them. I am a grownup and want this for others which means that I’m not being selfish. I think marriage is sacred whether you are married in a church or not. I think it is a serious covenant and commitment. I believe it is for life and I don’t think it should be taken lightly. With that said, I do not advocate a difference of marriage for same sex couples compared to heterosexual couples. I think marriage is marriage and I believe in equality for all people. It’s none of my business what people do behind closed doors. I don’t want to know what you or your spouse or significant other do in your bedroom. It’s no one’s business.


I believe this decision was made before they even heard arguments. Writing decisions takes a bit more time. Each justice has to plead their case whether it is in support of the decision or in the dissension. Case law is cited including any precedents that have taken place. I wish everyone knew more about the decisions that have been decided through the years. I never really cared about it until last year and I have been reading more about various cases.


People believe that states have the right to govern themselves but there is a problem with that. States are deciding to go against the US Constitution in making laws and that is where problems lie. Certain people have rallied and railed that they will do everything in their power to go against SCOTUS should they rule in favor of SSM. I believe these open threats are tearing at our country. They are wrong. I remember a certain war that was fought on this land…our homeland. Rather than choose to do the right thing, the south chose to go to war and the results were disastrous. We are still fighting the effects of that war which began in 1861 and ended 150 years ago.


I look back and see where certain people tried to stop such a nasty war because they knew the consequences. They would rather concede than fight. Certain ministers will have you believe this is the end of the world and that you need to gird on your armor and fight. I say, it is better to reach out a hand than to reach for a sword. It takes a strong man/woman to carry a full set of armor into battle but I wager that it takes a bigger man/woman to lay down his weapons and find compromise.


Life is difficult but it does not have to be. The path is lit—the road is clear. We can choose to walk down the path together or we can choose to fight each other in battle but remember that once you pick up that sword of aggression, you need to be prepared to kill. I do not think it is an option or that it is acceptable. Do you? Really read what Jesus tells us in the Bible. The answers are there. All you have to do is look.


I may be wrong but I will venture to hope that the vote goes 6-3 in favor with (I hope again) Justice Roberts in support. That would mean a lot. No matter what happens, I give my support to people who are marginalized, disenfranchised, and discriminated against. I stand with them. They are my brothers and sisters and they matter just as we all matter. 🙂


Happy Friday! 🙂

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Joan Rivers used to say that and I would get a kick out of it every time.



But, seriously, can we talk?


For the past week or so I have been talking to people about race and how we can get along with others. I have heard some nasty things including that awful phrase that we should send Black Americans “back” to Africa. I don’t get that. You have to be some kind of sick person to think that way. Then yesterday when someone was really being mean, I said they shouldn’t be racist and someone else said the person wasn’t racist…I had a problem. I wondered if maybe they didn’t know what racism is. It turns out they knew they were being racist but they excuse themselves for it and say it is others who are racist. That is worse than not knowing better.


Let’s look at what racism means. Racism is when you generalize against a group of people in a derogatory way due to their race or color of skin. It can easily be avoided if we treat others as equals and the way we want to be treated. Simple, right? I think it is but no, it isn’t.


In this confrontation, I wasn’t treated nice at all and was called a hypocrite of all things. I don’t know why I expect people to act better. Maybe it is because these people call themselves Christians. They continued to wail about how their rights have been infringed on, yada, yada… I began to get sick.


In contrast,  here is a story that began to break my heart to think we are teaching racism to people…to our children. This little girl was told that black is ugly and that she couldn’t be Frozen’s Princess Elsa. How awful. Who would even think such a thing? Here is the story if you have not heard it…link…


This is a terrible thing but we are telling kids this all of the time. What is in your heart matters. What you teach children matters. How we treat others matters. This is important. Let’s make it right for all children.


Have a great Thursday! 🙂

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I could not hold off anymore. I broke down today and purchased the album, Progstrumetal: The Annals of 2014, because I love this song. It is called “Whistle.” I first heard the song in a video used by a photographer I follow on facebook.

Rich Gordon (link) is a very talented musical artist…he doesn’t just play stringed instruments. He is a piper and sax player, too. You can find his music on Amazon, Spotify, I-Tunes, etc. and he is also on YouTube. These are just some of the places you can find him on the internet.





Have a great day…night…and happy gardening. 🙂

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Some time back I started to live what I believed rather than saying what I believed. Then, I began to talk about it. I have written about some of the pivotal moments that caused me to see things in a different light. Each one of them involved people I personally knew—some I even taught in Sunday school—some were what I considered really good friends.


When you stand up in church and speak of how you are being inconvenienced by others who believe differently than you do, I don’t see that is right. When you say nasty things in church about our president and calling him the anti-christ, I see that as hate. When you tell me personally that you cannot love someone of another faith or of another color or just different than you, I see intolerance. Perhaps you say that you have been persecuted. I say that self-persecution does not count.


I still believe in God though my belief is and has been a lot different than many people but that’s my right. I’m not less of a person. I’m not less of a Christian. I’m not wrong. 🙂


You see, Jesus taught us to love all people. He didn’t come and tell us that we should shun people. He didn’t hide behind walls or fences. He came with open arms. When a Christian/minister stands before the congregation in church and says that “we” have been inconvenienced too much because “we” have been tolerant for too long and it is time to change…they are right. It is time to change but not in the way they believe.


I dare you to pick up a Christian Bible and study only the four gospels until you know them by heart and then I challenge you to walk Jesus’ walk…don’t add to it scripture wise…forget what Paul says…just for a bit. Leave the Old Testament behind. Listen to the stories that Jesus relays in the Bible. For those who do not believe, I still think the stories have great meaning—humility is the biggest facet of the New Testament. Pick up the cloak of humility, and slip on the sandals of Jesus…walk in that path—not the path of the teacher or the one who judges but the one who dines with the unfortunate, the ones who are despised by others. Talk with them and learn to see through their eyes. And, realize that the greatest commandment of love is the willingness to become last, give up your seat at the front, share a meal with those who have none…


I’m not confused about what I see and understand. I know exactly where I am and where I am headed. I have no fear of leaving this world and spending an eternity in fire because I stand up for people who are not welcome in this world. You have no right to tell anyone they are going to hell. I don’t care if you think you are doing the best for them. Place yourself in their shoes. Do you want to hear that you are going to hell? No one anointed you to be the judge and executioner. That’s what Jesus was trying to say. When we elevate our status above another, we cannot serve; we cannot be humble; we cannot be last… In other words… we will not be first if we are not last. So if you believe someone will burn in hell, you don’t know God and you do not understand forgiveness and grace. 🙂


Again, I challenge you to read and study the gospels…forget everything else for a bit and see through the eyes of Jesus and then place yourself in the place of the person he interacts with. It requires letting go of the checklists and how-tos and don’ts. It requires a pure heart with no hate. It requires having love and tolerance. Can you imagine someone preaching that Christians should be intolerant to others? Jesus’ mantra was tolerance…to offer the other cheek. You don’t get to a point where you say…hey, I’m fighting back because there is no fighting. There should only be love. 🙂


 May your gardens grow with tenderness and love. 🙂

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060713-1In today’s world we are quick to judge, quick to point a finger, quick to find the one(s) to blame. For every crime or problem, we must find the true culprit and bring justice to the world, right? No. If we would worry about our own lives then maybe everyone’s life would be better. I really believe that.


It used to be that when politicians ran for an office they had a platform they presented to the public. Once it was known, everyone knew where the politicians stood on the issues but these days platforms aren’t even used any more—not really. I read where someone was bemoaning a local race from last fall in which all of the yard signs rather than promote a certain issue about the candidates, they touted the evil of the president of the United States–not even another candidate for the same office. Well, this is why I abhor politics…the mean-spiritedness, the lies, the badgering, the nastiness.


A FB friend was voicing her concerns about how much politics she sees in her news feed. Oh boy do I understand that feeling! It can be so overwhelming. Sometimes it gets so bad that I unfollow friends…yick! Sorry! What is the use in facebook because after a while there isn’t much that comes through that isn’t political? What happened to those nice kitty or pet stories? I like to follow people in other countries—places I want to visit. I like to see photos from new photographers. I enjoy some of the groups I am a member because we get to share things. But then, some groups I don’t like so much and when that happens…bloopgone…delete. 🙂 … Well, it happens.


Speaking of facebook, I have a childhood friend who found me the other day—in fact she was my best friend growing up. That’s what happens when FB gets enough information. We aren’t close anymore and we don’t travel in the same circles but it’s nice to see what she is up to.


I am very protective of my relationships on FB…I’m not friends with most of my local friends for obvious reasons with the prime one being that I don’t want to be targeted again and I don’t want my children to become abused on FB again.


It’s hard to attain and maintain balance. We make choices every day that affect us and those around us. Sometimes they are small and simple but sometimes those choices become bigger and can lead to other things. As we grow, we collect and gather things. We tend to keep these things close. We need to make sure we know what we have in the things that we collect and in the friends that we choose to be with. I always ask, “Is it safe?”


As for politics…haha, you are on your own but there is this…


My daughter told me last night I should run for president  …  (eye roll)

I told her,   “I love you!”



Have a great day and remember to water your gardens! 🙂

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  • Nice looking man with muscles to open wine bottles.
  • Must have:  pleasant personality, enjoys wine and conversation and enjoys sharing kitchen–with me.
  • A big plus:  can laugh at my jokes and witty humor, likes music and dancing, and isn’t scared of new things.
  • Oh, and cannot be allergic to pets…or me. 🙂
  • Also:  must be single with no attachments.


While visiting my younger daughter in Tennessee the other week, we made a trip to the local winery. Although the weather was cold with freezing precipitation, we had a great time. We did the tasting tour and of course I said I wanted to bring the entire vat of peach wine home. They didn’t take me serious at first but then said that it would cost about $30,000. That might be pocket change for some people but I just did not have the cash on me that day 😀 .


I cannot drink red wine for some strange reason—makes me very sick. It has been suggested that the tannins are the culprit but I don’t know and I don’t know if it has to do with some of my allergies. I can drink white wine and more fruity wines with no problem. I had all but given up on wine years ago because I never found anything that I really liked but today, there is so much more variety. I’m even thinking about making my own 🙂


We bought a few bottles of wine and one night after we returned home I texted my older daughter that I was having trouble opening a bottle. She said she had no problem—that she unwrapped the top and gave the bottle to her boyfriend and _(name withheld)_ opened it. I said that I didn’t have a _(name withheld)_ to open my wine and we just laughed. So…I came up with this want-ad.


As for my advertisement… a girl can dream, can’t she 😉 ? Have a great day! 🙂

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After a little delay, I finally got my blog going at My World Too. I decided to post pictures showing the beauty of our Earth. On Wednesdays, I will make a post about something I feel needs attention. Right now, PLASTIC is a dirty word to me. We use way too much plastic. Just recently, some of the food packaging I have been buying for so long…well, they had been using waxed paper but they switched to plastic. Non-biodegradable plastic does not break down easily. It lasts forever it seems. Even the plastics that do splinter into smaller pieces still leave little pieces that cannot be removed from soil easily. When this gets to the ocean, marine life suffers including water fowl. This is unacceptable. We are killing animals and causing them to suffer.


I’ll be on a plastic theme for a while. It is important to me and I am very passionate about this so if you would–please–I would very much appreciate if you could get involved. We are responsible for what we do and what we don’t do. We can demand certain things and work together–there is a thought I like to hear–to make our world better. Rather than complain, why not share something that you think we can do to help our Earth. Start a dialogue with others. Read and research. Be picky and use good sense. Don’t be swayed by certain things. Just like most things, the political machine is at work and trying to cast a bad light on efforts to help our Earth. We still have to compromise but we need to work together and we need to get off this fossil fuel binge we are on for our own good and the good of animals and the environment.


Today’s post at My World Too

It’s Wake Up Wednesday (link). Our Earth is important but we are treating her like crap. Hopefully, I will post something each week that will get your attention. My first concern is PLASTIC. It is a BIG concern!


  • Do you know how many plastics (a variety of polymers…non-biodegradable plastics) there are in your life each day?
  • Do you know how much plastic you use?
  • Can you recognize the plastic in your everyday life?

Here are some plastics. These are rather pretty, don’t you think? Nice colors…it makes you want to go buy some CD/DVD cases doesn’t it–don’t fall for it.


“Plastics” by Kevin T Houle (link) via flickr [Terms of Use (link) – no changes made]

It seems like everything is covered with plastic from food to garbage, packaging…it’s even in cleaners, toiletries, makeup…you name it. Plastic does not dissolve like toilet paper. It sticks around for years and years—lifetimes. And, sometimes it breaks down into small enough pieces that are not so visible but are still a danger to the environment and to us as humans.

Too much plastic #1

“Too Much Plastics #1” by Sergio Russo (link) via flickr [Terms of Use (link) – no changes made]

Look around and see if you notice plastic in your daily routine. Do you see it? Do you know where it goes once you are finished with it? So much plastic ends up in the ocean and in the bellies or marine life and water fowl. If we remain at the rate we are going, there will be no marine life left.

Is this acceptable to you? It is not acceptable to me. It’s important to me that we wake up and do something before it is too late if it is not too late already!


I will continue to post pictures of beauty–outstanding beauty–but I will also post what I believe to be one of our biggest downfalls and that is PLASTIC. Recycling is NOT the answer. We need less plastic–not more. 🙂 Our world needs us to help.


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As promised, this is my first post at My World Too. No earth-shattering details…just laying the foundation to build upon. We all live on the same planet and we must get along to move forward. I see two things that need to happen before we can move forward and that is acknowledging our earth and accepting responsibility to her as well as developing a respect for other people…humbling ourselves. We can’t hear if we don’t listen. 🙂

From “My World Too” . . . My World Too . . .

Responsibility. That’s what I want the end result to be for this blog in some form or fashion. I do not know where this road is leading but I hope for a better understanding of our world if only it serves as a way for me to express my desires and hopes. The idea began when I became agitated about the apathy and even hatred toward others for caring about our world. Why would one find fault with someone who cares?

We need to take action. I have a feeling that I will be called an alarmist—I detest names but if that is what it takes, so be it. Our actions and inactions are hurting each other and future generations. Each of us has the responsibility of making this world better. We cannot sit back and wait for someone else to do something. We should do no harm and make our earth better than the way we find it. We may not all agree on everything but I hope to do or say something or use the words of others to make an impact…sow some seeds…something 🙂 . I want to share what I see.

We should care for our world and quit taking advantage of her. She has given us so much–a home–resources to shelter us, to feed us, to heat and cool us–so very much. People who take and never give are really thieves and that is not acceptable to me. I refuse to be a thief but we all are and for that we will pay a price maybe not in our lifetime but perhaps in the lives of my children–your children and grandchildren and their grandchildren. You may not agree that there has been any climate change or that humans have had a negative effect on the world. You may disagree with everyone who sees changes in our atmosphere, our oceans, our weather, glacial melting, our water supply, the depletion of resources, etc. but we are abusing these precious commodities–and our earth.

The earth owes us nothing but we owe her everything. So this blog is here for me to vent my frustrations about our world–my world–the world I want to be here tomorrow and the next day and the day after. I want to share some of her beauty–some of what we take for granted. I know if we do not change, there will very little of our world left for the next generations–our descendants. Sometimes, I think we are not worth it–that we should just perish–a sobering thought. We are selfish humans only wanting and never giving back. It seems that way.

It is time to give back.

                                       It is time to care.


We are the caretakers and it is time for us to start acting like it.

Notice:  Best behavior required. This is not a stage for politics–I am not a fan and it will not be tolerated. Again, best behavior is required. Thanks. 🙂

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