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Medical Update

I’ve been having issues with my cerebral AVM. Seizures were being controlled with meds but they have been making an appearance recently – not full blown but some numbing with greater frequency. With the pandemic last year the neurologist and hospital didn’t want me to come in unless I really needed to. My apppintments kept being pushed back and they now have to fit with daughter’s schedule. Office called today to move next week’s appointment. Sigh. It’s fine I guess but he leaves the practice at the end of the month when I get another doctor assigned to me so hopefully that will be worked out next year. In the meantime I need an MRI. I hate the things. With my back degeneration it’s impossible to lie still in the same position for the approximate hour it takes. I used to do it with no problem. I’ve had many of the boogers along the way..used to be every 5-7 years then every 2-3 years. It’s been 4.5 years now so I’m overdue. I slipped last night and find it more difficult to concentrate lately. This doctor thinks the hot poker pain in my face are actually seizures coupled with trigeminal neuralgia. The TN I can vouch for and I think he’s right about the other. He’s not the best neurologist but not the worst either. Of course none have ever seen a case like mine. I was always like the guinea pig – all types of tests. My file used to be the size of a large volume. Today, it’s all digital and most of the earlier records are gone. “We” have been doing this since 1970. There’s a lot of history but most are only interested in what they see in the present.


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Medical ID

Ok, I need input. I have never worn a medical alert bracelet or necklace but when starting a new medicine that said I needed to wear one, I got to thinking that I should find out what is available. I should be wearing one anyway.

This is what I have found so far:

  • There are those that have a maintenance fee which you keep updated data at, but these are expensive, or at least the ones I checked.
  • Then there are those that you can have information engraved with no backup—no maintenance fee, but one’s information needs to be current. I could use a phone number but that could change—not very permanent. These are more expensive because the companies are looking to get their money at one time.
  • Then, I could get a bracelet or necklace and have it engraved. This can be a bit cheaper but it too would have to be kept current.
  • There are those that have a jump drive in the bracelet. I don’t think I want to really go that route and I don’t know any of the particulars about them.

Please let me know if you have any input about medical ID bracelets and necklaces. I really have no idea. I’m not sure that I will put this new medicine on there since I don’t know if I will keep taking it but I need to have info about my AVM and Dilantin/Phenytoin. The new medicine is to stop my face pain but I had the worst pain during the night last night–not very promising.

Happy Gardening!


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