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I’ve tried to hold back but I can’t. I am not one who gets offended at everything said on TV, the internet, or in real life. Most of the time, I let it go and try not to pay attention to it. It’s not my business-to police the public.


I have done my share of washing out my children’s mouths with soap. It’s a terrible way to parent really but I saw it as a necessity-immediate and to the point. I hear my ‘mom of the year’ award crashing to the floor again.😉


Soap worked. After the girls had moved away from home, one daughter was telling me a story about something-I have no clue right now. It involved a curse word and it was imperative for the understanding of the story. I had no idea what she was talking about even with her little hints so I said, “Just say it.” She refused and said I would reprimand her or wash out her mouth. I assured her I would not but she was convinced I was laying a trap. I really wasn’t laying a trap but it’s good to know something stuck with them. LOL. Parenting. It’s fun, yes?🙂


I think someone should have washed out Donald Trump’s mouth or someone should do it now. I would offer my services but I am scared he would bite me-my shots aren’t up to date. Some things are not to be said in public and some things are never to be said EVER. Yeah, he crossed that line more than once.


Do you ever wonder what types of role models we are helping to support for our kids and the next generations? Are they the loudest people in the room who have never a worry about consequences or are they the ones with good judgment and common sense?


I have seen awful things in this election. I have heard unbelievable talk. I am left to wonder if moms and dads used enough soap when their children were young.


NOTE:  I don’t advocate the use of soap as a punishment. 🙂


Happy Gardening!😀

Real Americans

If you have been keeping up with the news-real news-you know the plight of the Sioux and their fight to keep the oil pipeline from ever carrying that first drop of crude oil across their lands or near the waterways. You may think, oh-the pipeline is legitimate and is for the good of the people. Well, here is my take.


When the white man came to the continent of North America, the lands were already settled. The white man was the immigrant with no legitimate claim.

  • Most will say that Columbus discovered America but he wasn’t the first white man and America was already discovered.

Imagine if schools taught history in that light. The greatness and pride we were taught in school of how the white man took this country changes in perspective the more we learn the real story. Face it. We were sold a bill of goods and are we are still buying the BS.


In time, we-the white man-fought against the Native Americans or what I call Real Americans. On some fronts it was subtle. Like any good marketing ploy, the buyers/takers found something the Americans (Indians) would trade. A little swap here and a little swap there and the white man had gotten in the door. Eventually, we swindled the Americans out of their lands and put them on reservations. OOooo… pat ourselves on the back (sarcasm).


Reservation life was almost the equivalent-no, it was actually worse than ghettos because we were creating ghettos on purpose and not providing real resources to help. After all, if you keep someone “down” they won’t know they are “down” and will not present a problem for others, right? Sigh. I could go on and on about this.


Fracking (fracturing) is killing us. It is causing earthquakes-what do you expect when you use water to blast out gas in rocks that have been in place for millions plus number of years? And what type of water is used? Contaminated water which is another issue. Tell me there is no chance of water contamination when we don’t know that. Let’s ask Oklahomans how they feel about never-ending earthquakes due to fracking.


Take a look at the fracking wells. I was particularly interested when I was planning on moving to Colorado. Here is a link to show fracking wells plus other info: http://www.drillingmaps.com/fracking.html

Fracking wells tend to be in the poorer areas of the state. That’s because people who have money won’t put up with it and those who don’t can’t fight it. Usually, it’s a done deal before anyone can try to fight it in court but this piece is not about fracking. It’s about oil, Real Americans and greed.


pipeline liquids

Pipelines carrying liquefied fossil fuels


pipelines natural gas

Pipelines carrying natural gas


Oil was never meant to be used in great amounts. In natural form, it contaminates water and land. It can never be removed completely. When burned, it pollutes the air. It does harm and kills wildlife including humans. These pipelines are not safe. Leaks happen all of the time. The companies go to great lengths to hide these spills and misreport the spillage. This is greed at its finest. We allow this to happen. We encourage it when we don’t stop it.


One of the ‘take and give’ (in the white man’s eyes) legal actions came in the form of treaties. Listen, if I was a member of a gang that surrounded you with weapons and threatened to kill your family, would you make a treaty with me to save them? You bet you would. That’s how I see many of these “treaties” with the Real Americans happened. In order to keep some of their lands and people intact when they were backed into a corner, they signed. Today, we are doing the same thing. Like usual, we go back on our word.


Maybe you see this as a protest against a rightful oil pipeline and that the protestors are in the wrong. I see it as where every American should be outraged and should be protesting against this type of takeover. It should have never been built and furthermore-should have never been thought of being built: One, for the respect of Mother Earth and two, respect for Real Americans. Believe it or not, these actions affect us all.


We have given all of America over to the greedy corporations which in turn own our government. A nice cozy pair they make, right? What’s wrong with this picture? This is not the America that any of our ancestors envisioned. This control is not for the good of the people-all or any-except those who are raking in the millions at the top. I wonder where they live. It’s not around a pipeline or a fracking well or a coal mine, etc.


Until next time … Happy Gardening!🙂



Photos used are from-http://www.pipeline101.com/where-are-pipelines-located

Credit there was given:  American Energy Mapping (AEM) 2013



Wake Up America!

We have entered into dark territory. Lately you can’t help but read about how some athlete who didn’t stand during the national anthem or how they didn’t salute or place their hand over their heart in the right way, etc. It doesn’t stop with athletes nor with national anthems.

Patriot Flag-1a

This country was founded on freedoms-freedom of and from religion-freedom of speech but not from consequence-and on and on. With freedom of speech is included freedom to protest, freedom to speak out and make our voices known. Be careful what you wish for when you deny someone freedoms. Good grief. Between social media and mainstream media, we are killing ourselves with attitude and we really need to evaluate what we are doing.


When I was young we were taught in school that we should stand at attention facing a flag if one existed or to face the music if not. Placing one’s hand over the heart was not mandatory and in many instances was not done. So BOO! We do not follow the Amy Vanderbilt book of etiquette for every whim and there is no law that says we should. When we start telling others how to act, we have gone too far. Then on top of that we shame these people and threaten them? Good Lord what happened to people? Decency????


I am reminded of Germany before World War II-no I wasn’t alive but reading about how the country changed almost without people realizing causes me to be alarmed for all of us. We are policing ourselves just as they did. We are trying to make a group where only acceptable people can be with acceptable behaviors and one where everyone else cannot be. What is the difference than Germany? 




Wake up America! If it’s not too late already, do something now! Quit worrying about other people. Let them live their lives. Find something else to worry about—something closer to home…YOU! Thanks.


Happy Gardening!🙂


In the movie “Quigley Down Under,” Tom Selleck played the part of an expert marksman with a long gun who is hired by a certain rancher character named Marsten to travel to Australia. Without getting into too many details I think some of the best dialogue occurred when Marsten was going to kill Quigley at the end of the movie. Believing that Quigley could not use a handgun, Marsten had the badly beaten Quigley propped up and given a Colt revolver (if memory serves correctly). Quigley quickly shoots Marsten and says this to him, “I said I never had much use for one. Never said I didn’t know how to use it.”


Politics. I don’t like it – in fact hate it but I understand it and I’m not bad at reading what will happen given certain parameters are in place. Politicians will play games and say anything to get in office when they don’t care about us-not really. We are part of an elaborate play.  Sometimes the script is written and sometimes it isn’t. We are not actual participants like we think we are. We are used as pawns on a board-our lives are what is up for grabs-usually we lose no matter what. No, this isn’t a conspiracy theory as I have been accused. This comes from observing people and learning about them over many years. It calls for more objective observation rather than subjective.


I have much to say about what has been going on. I don’t usually vote by party lines-as in I don’t feel that I have to give my allegiance to only one party or person. Party politics have shown their worse attributes this election season in my opinion but I have never cared for them anyway. Hillary Clinton became the democratic nominee and if she really wanted Bernie’s followers she would not have waited until the convention to try to bring in unity. I’m sure she will win. There is no doubt in my mind but she made a crucial mistake and I don’t think it can be undone even given that people forget things rather quickly.


People don’t see long range. Pity. She didn’t court those younger people earlier on. She could have very easily done so and easily brought more people to support her but I won’t go there right now. Even if most of them vote for her in November do you really think there will be an allegiance by them to the party or to her in four years? No. Absolutely not. See where I am going with this? I have seen politicians use some of the vilest of things this year but you have to look long range. Just like Bernie’s movement was not about Bernie-it was about the people-equality-justice-environment-education-and health to name a few. Those things he kept saying will resonate long after this election. Horse races come and go. A fiery passion for justice doesn’t.


Do I sound bitter? I don’t mean to. This is my evaluation of what is before us. When she accepted the nomination, a huge weight was lifted because today, I laugh at people who tell me that I emphatically MUST vote for Clinton. I also laugh at those who tell me the same about Trump or any other delegate. But the Clinton ones are the same people who told me that those who follow Bernie are petulant children and many other things. I laugh at them screaming about the Trump monster which makes them even angrier which in turn makes me laugh harder. I can’t help it.


Here is the thing. Our country was founded on principles of representation. Most people could not vote when the country was formed but we have been attempting to right that error ever since, well some of us have. When we require someone to vote a certain way, what have we become? Fear is the greatest fear of all. I refuse to be bullied because of Trump or Clinton or anyone else. Oh, if you don’t vote for Clinton, Trump will be in the Whitehouse. Sigh-roll eyes-sigh again. Even if I believe that, do you think telling me this is going to make a positive impact? I’ll just leave the words slaves, oppression, and suppression here to think about.


Now I ask:

What is freedom?

Freedom is the lack of fear.


Actually the question is the answer. You first have fear. You must get rid of the fear to have freedom.


My facebook newsfeed is plastered with stuff that says things-terrible things-telling the audience essentially, “How dare you express an opinion different than mine.” Guess what. We each have an opinion and that’s good. The world would be pretty boring if we are all the same. It’s really important for people to have control over their own vote-our vote. If we don’t, we are no better than China, North Korea, Soviet Russia and many others. Is this what we want? Well, I hope not.


So, vote! Vote for whomever you want. No restrictions. Yes, I have opinions but I expect others to be intelligent enough to make up their mind on their own. The mindless masses are one of our downfalls. Just make sure your reasoning isn’t because you don’t want the other person in office or you feel pressured by others. The day we give our vote away is the day democracy dies. Remember that.


Happy Gardening!🙂

A Quick Blip

I hope everyone is healthy and doing well. I am back for a bit-but my sewing has been put on hold. This quick blip of an update is about me. I am doing a little better-having just taken my 4th round of shots in my probably year-long treatment that began in February. The awful rash is not as prevalent and the itching has subsided. I’m hoping I will go into complete remission.


I managed to get to the beach and this was my view. Had a nice time. Take care and Happy Gardening!🙂


New Project

As I promised —  a project that I have been working on.


quilt 6


This is a patchwork quilt-simple in design with 17 different fabrics used for squares. It is 17 by 18 rows.  The first row is repeated for the last row to make 18. Each square measures 5 inches finished. I am using a different fabric for the border. I’ll get to that later.


quilt 1

quilt 100 1


I have this western print that I wanted to use on the back with the blue. I had planned to use the blue for the border on the front but there were two pieces on the bolt. I couldn’t make it work like I wanted so I’ll be going back to the fabric store.🙂


quilt 2


As usual, I have a helper…🙂 He thinks this is just for him.


quilt 4

quilt 5

quilt 3


The quilt is made for a king size bed but can be used for a cover on my sofa. I still have to decide on a quilting design. Sigh. All of the quilt will be 100% cotton. It was machine pieced but will be hand-quilted. Of course there is a story about this quilt but I will wait to share it later.🙂

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