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Relationships–they are what we make them just like the respect we have for one another. If we choose not to have respect and not invest, we get nothing out of them and they are like paper plates, but if we take special care, time, and treat others with the utmost respect, our relationships become as Fine China, precious, valuable, and worth more than all of the riches of the world.

The following writing has a very special place in my heart. It was originally posted on Dec 1, 2010, on my main blog and re-posted the week after my husband told me about his affair and baby in Jan 2012. I had no idea at the time of this writing the significance it would bring. We all have problems along the way, but how we work together demonstrates how well we can rise above them. Treasuring one another is so important and vital to good marriage. Do you treat your partner like Fine China or a Paper Plate? (original posted Dec 1, 2010)    This posting appears here with permission.


“Let me state that I am not a believer in non-monogamous relationships. I believe that we as humans can rise above our animalistic behaviors if we commit to our spouse (or significant other) and focus on our own behavior. Today, I want to write about marriage. People get married for several reasons, but too often I hear about one or both of the spouses “straying away” for even more reasons. Some of those are, “I was at a point of weakness…”; “This woman just turned me on and I lost all control…”; “It started as an innocent friendship…”; “My spouse has lost interest in sex…”; “He does not love me anymore…”; and on and on and on. Sure, we all have those times of temptations, but we should be able to get through them without entering into a sexual relationship with someone other than our spouse……

…Continued at Protect Your Heart (link).

This post is one of my very favorites and was the catalyst for the book that was written 1.5 years later.

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