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If you could see my face, you would see  tears rolling down my cheeks. It is with great sadness that I write this. For a better writing you may want to check my blog, Protect Your  Heart (link), but the latest info is here.

It has been a terrible week already. I had my heart stressed at the doctor’s office Monday and it was so bad that I had to be treated there for a reaction to the drugs–we were waiting to see if I needed to be taken to the ER. It was really scary and I know my oldest daughter was worried. She did so good! This mom could not be any prouder.

I just returned a few hours ago from my husband’s love nest (arghhh). I’m going to spare most of the details but I had asked for prayers for him the other day. There is a lot missing between those two times. My husband is lost and doesn’t know what it means to be married and have vows. When I wrote the book I thought there was still a chance for us to work things out. Now, that I have found out just how deep he is in… No! 

I will tell this. The other woman contacted one of my girls again… People, this is not ok to do under any situation. No, the baby cannot be held accountable but you cannot gloss it over and make everything look ok. This is not a touch-up job and a “Febreze air freshener thing ain’t gonna fix this under no circumstances.

Just when things level out, I get hit in the head with something else. You know, killing me quickly would have been so much more humane. And, for those who think I am telling my daughters how bad their dad is…again, I don’t have to open my mouth. Give someone enough rope and they will hang themselves. YEP. He did. Right now, I am in adrenaline overdrive which I didn’t get over from yesterday–still shaking.

May your gardens grow great and be filled with beautiful bounty and may your heart never feel the pain I have felt for so long! Please take care! I will decide if I will continue blogging but right now….I have to take a break. I need time with God and no one else and nothing else. I will try to keep my morning prayers posted. They are one of the best things I have done.

Again, take care and may God bless you!


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